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sofia coppola + lavender + alaia

(Images from Fashionologie)

Back in high school I made a huge effort to go to the local arthouse movie theater and watch Lost In Translation when it opened in theaters.  I was amazed at the aesthetic, at how much I related to the film and both its feeling of displacement and the search for sympathetic qualities in others.  It really brought me into a whole new realm of appreciation for film and Sofia Coppola became somewhat of an idol for me.  It also marked my transition from awkward geeky preteenhood into becoming a young adult.  Cheesy, I know, but fashion and film and becoming a real artist all became much more important to me during this period of life.

I digress. I merely wanted to point out how happy I was to see the photos of Sofia getting married in Italy to her long time partner/Phoenix musician Thomas Mars.  Lavender, knee-length Alaia seems like such a perfect answer to a summer, civil ceremony with just close friends and family.  Both inspirational and aspirational.


metallic + patent shoes


I first saw these amazing Alexander Wang silver patent shoes on Polyvore and immediately went to Alexander Wang’s website to oggle them some more.  Silver patent heels?  Genius.  So pretty, so radically different.  And other than the Anais up on top, I’m also loving the sensible but chic wearability of the oxford style.  With $500 range price tags I doubt either pair of shoes will be falling into my lap anytime soon, but I was impressed by Zara’s $100 or less options that I spied while at their store in the Grove this past weekend.  I may hold out a bit but the silver oxfords are so cute that I’m tempted to go the cheaper route.

PS I know that with this latest post I’ve finally bumped my own photos off of the main page and into the relative ancient past.  I’m working on getting some talented friends to photograph me for this blog in the future so I hope you aren’t all too bored (or overjoyed for that matter) by the lack of me on this blog at the moment.  These shoes are prettier anyways, right?  Your patience is much appreciated!

football + skateboards = isabel marant ss2011

(from Style.Com)

I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself for both missing the Isabel warehouse sale last week here in LA (I didn’t hear about it until Sunday and it was Thursday-Friday, *CRY*) and also not buying the pink lace up shorts at the beginning of the summer before everyone snatched them up.  Sometimes life is cruel… On a happier note this video makes me 🙂

foxy + off hours apparel

Wildfox Couture – Vive La France from nylon on Vimeo.

Anyone who has seen me at home or on my way to classes knows that I’m most comfortable in a pair of Wildfox sweatpants and/or a Wildfox baggy beach jumper, or for warmer weather a Wildfox T or dress.  I usually wait until there’s a sale going on at Karmaloop or elsewhere and then pounce on the item I’m most desiring.  Other times I’ll save up and buy it at the official Wildfox online store.  Either way, I’m always thrilled with the ultra-soft, broken in fabrics and bohemian designs.  I was even more excited when they filmed promotional videos for their Spring campaign inspired by Marie Antoinette and their Fall campaign which is like some sort of 70’s high school boho party.

Other things that I love for off-hours, casual apparel?  FitFlops for their wearability and comfort.  I swear I can walk in them for hours and not have any lower back pain or stiffness when I get home.  Totally essential.  Although for something new I’m kind of craving The Row X Toms collaboration shoes.  They look so soft don’t they?

And last but not least I’ve been wearing my T by Alexander Wang tops non-stop both dressed up and down.  They are ultra soft and comfy.  I’ve also been test driving some of the Ts from StyleMint.  Really cute, and for those prices it’s really hard to say no.  Gosh darn those clever Olsens for targeting we the fashion-obsessed.

What do you guys like to wear off hours?

gilded + adorned

(Photos from ErinWasson, Luv AJ, and Pamela Love)

Recently I’ve been obsessed with jewelry.  Pamela Love, Dannijo, Alexis Bittar, Erin Wasson x Low Luv, Iosselliani, Luv AJ… I could go on.  These brands have really upped the ante the past few seasons, and I couldn’t be happier.  Their organic yet decadent aesthetics really have made an exceptional niche for themselves in the fashion industry, and while I still have a lot of love for the classics and the high end and price tag brands, I find the exceptional quality and unique wearability of these other brands to be much more approachable and affordable.

Here are a few of my favorites for the season…

PS Refinery29 is having a special $100 for $200 deal with LuvAJ right now!

wild horses + mythic

LØV from Vanessa Bruno on Vimeo

You may have seen my earlier post about Vanessa Bruno’s FW 2010/11 collection, but this is straight from the current season and boy is it a stunning film.  Kate Bosworth stars in this short that showcases her riding a beautiful white horse and of course wearing pieces from Vanessa Bruno’s latest collection, all while channeling some mystic Norse goddess.  Really surreal.

native instinct

(Images from Scout & Catalogue)

Among my many favorite things to do: find amazing designers who create beautiful, unique objects that don’t cause coronaries when you purchase them.  One of my favorite places to do so?  Not only the home to vintage treasures and curios, Etsy has hundreds of objects worth saving for.

Of course this is all leading up to a spotlight on one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Scout & Catalogue.  Their native vibes and relaxed chic is so effortless.  I finally managed to get my hands on a scarf and a tie dye tank from S & C and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival.  They’ll be perfect easy, breezy options for the blistering late summer heat here in SoCal.  PS Purchase courtesy of the 20% off summer sale.  You should hurry over too as the stock is dwindling in anticipation of a new collection.

I particularly love this quote from their “About” page, it resonates perfectly with my yearning to make the summer last just a little bit longer…

Scout & Catalogue is heavily influenced by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico. We strive to make pieces that remind you of afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas. “

acne boots + back to school

(Boots from @ Acne)

So, I saw the Pistol booties in the Acne shop in NYC a few months back and fell in love with them.  I didn’t buy them myself as I couldn’t afford the $500+ price tag at the time, but I really thought that their classic but sophisticated look was to die for.  Jeans, dresses, leggings… they’d go with pretty much anything.  Another big plus is the fact that they come in a variety of color combinations which are all warm leathers and wood heels.  I guess that would make it harder to choose if I were to try and snag a pair.  Not so likely in the near future, sadly, but I’ll continue to eye them in case they go one sale somewhere.  PS A friend who DID buy them said they were insanely comfortable as well.  Who can say no to a short heeled, comfortable, flattering set of boots?  Ugh.

And that brings me around to the fact that comfort and boots are style essentials for the fall.  I lived in my Jeffrey Campbell Wishlist boots last FW, and obviously wore them way too much while I was on vacation.  They go with everything.  A pair of good boots should do those things: be comfortable, match hundreds on outfits, and last multiple seasons.  Important to note is that you should get your boots resoled by a good cobbler when the need arises, and not a moment too late.  My Wishlist boots wore out within a month of normal to heavy usage, so I brought them to a cobbler who resoled them with Vibram.  They’ve been holding up so well since then, but if I hadn’t spyed the soles one day when I tripped by my front door, I could very well have kept walking the boots down past the bare minimum of sole.  That would have been really bad news.

In the meantime, I saw that American Eagle outfitters has this pair of boots that are at a fraction of the price ($60) and very very similar in style.  I might have to pick up a pair.

(Boots @ AmericanEagleOutfitters)