jewel tones + fur

(Photo Credit: Style.Com)

Okay, I was surfing and saw their fall fashion trend line up and was immediately sent into conflicting feelings over the “Psychedelic Fur” photo set.  I LOVE this set, but I’m not big on fur.  I’m not a PETA member, but of course cruelty to animals/killing them to steal their jackets doesn’t really fly with me.  I love animals as much as the next person and I’m a devoted dog owner.  I also tend to eat a vegan diet anywhere from 50-80% of the week, but this is for health reasons and because of my own personal taste.  Certainly not morally motivated.

On the other hand I have plenty of leather goods.  Hence the onflict and confusion.  Either way, I haven’t been motivated to swing entirely one way or the other and am still uncomfortable with the idea of owning a fur jacket, stole, or bag.  So I’ll be looking for beautiful faux fur alternatives this fall, including a faux fur bag like the one Stella McCartney designed that I used in one of my Polyvore sets.  Its gorgeous and animal friendly, and I would get it in a heartbeat if it knocked off a few 0’s…


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