la afternoon

(Black Milk Burned Velvet Dress, Jeffrey Campbell Nation H Boots, Gather Jewelry Feather Earring)

It’s so much warmer here than I was prepared for!  LA is a solid mid-eighties this week and I’m still in Autumn/Winter mode from the southern hemisphere.  Luckily I had a Black Milk Burned Velvet dress to keep me cool as my family and I lunched at the Alcove Cafe in Los Feliz.  Turkey pesto panini and a nice double soy iced mocha made my day, and I always love the Alcove for being so cozy and dog-friendly.  Plus the portions are generous enough to save for another meal.  So, kind of cost effective!

PS Barneys Warehouse Sale- at the Convention Center downtown is really amazing, so many beautiful items of clothing.  Unfortunately I’m all tapped out, so I could only go for some window shopping.

PPS And that good looking girl down there is named Scarlet.  If she’d stand still long enough I’d let her be the model for this blog, but she refused so I’m stuck with the job.  I know, I know, very disappointing.  You all would much rather see more of her.  Sorry!




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