acne boots + back to school

(Boots from @ Acne)

So, I saw the Pistol booties in the Acne shop in NYC a few months back and fell in love with them.  I didn’t buy them myself as I couldn’t afford the $500+ price tag at the time, but I really thought that their classic but sophisticated look was to die for.  Jeans, dresses, leggings… they’d go with pretty much anything.  Another big plus is the fact that they come in a variety of color combinations which are all warm leathers and wood heels.  I guess that would make it harder to choose if I were to try and snag a pair.  Not so likely in the near future, sadly, but I’ll continue to eye them in case they go one sale somewhere.  PS A friend who DID buy them said they were insanely comfortable as well.  Who can say no to a short heeled, comfortable, flattering set of boots?  Ugh.

And that brings me around to the fact that comfort and boots are style essentials for the fall.  I lived in my Jeffrey Campbell Wishlist boots last FW, and obviously wore them way too much while I was on vacation.  They go with everything.  A pair of good boots should do those things: be comfortable, match hundreds on outfits, and last multiple seasons.  Important to note is that you should get your boots resoled by a good cobbler when the need arises, and not a moment too late.  My Wishlist boots wore out within a month of normal to heavy usage, so I brought them to a cobbler who resoled them with Vibram.  They’ve been holding up so well since then, but if I hadn’t spyed the soles one day when I tripped by my front door, I could very well have kept walking the boots down past the bare minimum of sole.  That would have been really bad news.

In the meantime, I saw that American Eagle outfitters has this pair of boots that are at a fraction of the price ($60) and very very similar in style.  I might have to pick up a pair.

(Boots @ AmericanEagleOutfitters)


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