native instinct

(Images from Scout & Catalogue)

Among my many favorite things to do: find amazing designers who create beautiful, unique objects that don’t cause coronaries when you purchase them.  One of my favorite places to do so?  Not only the home to vintage treasures and curios, Etsy has hundreds of objects worth saving for.

Of course this is all leading up to a spotlight on one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Scout & Catalogue.  Their native vibes and relaxed chic is so effortless.  I finally managed to get my hands on a scarf and a tie dye tank from S & C and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival.  They’ll be perfect easy, breezy options for the blistering late summer heat here in SoCal.  PS Purchase courtesy of the 20% off summer sale.  You should hurry over too as the stock is dwindling in anticipation of a new collection.

I particularly love this quote from their “About” page, it resonates perfectly with my yearning to make the summer last just a little bit longer…

Scout & Catalogue is heavily influenced by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico. We strive to make pieces that remind you of afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas. “


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