foxy + off hours apparel

Wildfox Couture – Vive La France from nylon on Vimeo.

Anyone who has seen me at home or on my way to classes knows that I’m most comfortable in a pair of Wildfox sweatpants and/or a Wildfox baggy beach jumper, or for warmer weather a Wildfox T or dress.  I usually wait until there’s a sale going on at Karmaloop or elsewhere and then pounce on the item I’m most desiring.  Other times I’ll save up and buy it at the official Wildfox online store.  Either way, I’m always thrilled with the ultra-soft, broken in fabrics and bohemian designs.  I was even more excited when they filmed promotional videos for their Spring campaign inspired by Marie Antoinette and their Fall campaign which is like some sort of 70’s high school boho party.

Other things that I love for off-hours, casual apparel?  FitFlops for their wearability and comfort.  I swear I can walk in them for hours and not have any lower back pain or stiffness when I get home.  Totally essential.  Although for something new I’m kind of craving The Row X Toms collaboration shoes.  They look so soft don’t they?

And last but not least I’ve been wearing my T by Alexander Wang tops non-stop both dressed up and down.  They are ultra soft and comfy.  I’ve also been test driving some of the Ts from StyleMint.  Really cute, and for those prices it’s really hard to say no.  Gosh darn those clever Olsens for targeting we the fashion-obsessed.

What do you guys like to wear off hours?


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