metallic + patent shoes


I first saw these amazing Alexander Wang silver patent shoes on Polyvore and immediately went to Alexander Wang’s website to oggle them some more.  Silver patent heels?  Genius.  So pretty, so radically different.  And other than the Anais up on top, I’m also loving the sensible but chic wearability of the oxford style.  With $500 range price tags I doubt either pair of shoes will be falling into my lap anytime soon, but I was impressed by Zara’s $100 or less options that I spied while at their store in the Grove this past weekend.  I may hold out a bit but the silver oxfords are so cute that I’m tempted to go the cheaper route.

PS I know that with this latest post I’ve finally bumped my own photos off of the main page and into the relative ancient past.  I’m working on getting some talented friends to photograph me for this blog in the future so I hope you aren’t all too bored (or overjoyed for that matter) by the lack of me on this blog at the moment.  These shoes are prettier anyways, right?  Your patience is much appreciated!


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