from casablanca to marrakech

I was going to let this post stand alone with the photos but I couldn’t help but mention some of the sites that are pictured here.  The mosque is in Casablanca and it is a combination of both massive size and sheer otherworldly beauty.  Completely overwhelming and magnificent.  The other place of note is the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, which is in the photos that have the vibrant shade of blue which is actually named for Majorelle, a painter and the creator of the garden.  The garden was later bought by Yves Saint Laurent and his ashes are scattered there.  Lastly, the jars of spices was taken at a Moroccan apothecary, where I made sure to pick up some of their world famous Argan oil in addition to a few other herbal remedies.  The room of herbs was huge, and I’m pretty sure they had a holistic answer to almost every ailment you could think of.

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