SwiftShadows is a fashion and aesthetic outlet for me, since I realized my unfortunate blog and fashion addictions were growing out of control and needed a bit of focused organization.  Voila.  This blog will feature outfits from my own closet, interesting stores both clothing and otherwise, images from editorials that have inspired me, as well as my most wanted items and designers of the moment.  I hope you enjoy!


A 23 year old student and writer who has been driven to distraction by her love for fashion.  Was born in Tokyo but is sadly not Japanese.  IS half-Korean, half-caucasian (kimchi-haters beware) and grew up on the east coast of the USA.  Currently resides in LA but manages to get out of the area every once in a while.  Also loves film, literature, photography, design, traveling, and good food and coffee.  Generally but not strictly dresses like a modern, native, bohemian witch.


Inquiries can be sent to swiftshadowsblog @ gmail . com , however please no soliciting.


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